Chorlton Community Wildlife & Edible Garden


Please feel free to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Community Wildlife & Edible Garden.
Sit and rest awhile, or eat your sandwiches during your lunch break and listen to the birds.

You would be welcome to come and help with some community gardening on the first Saturday morning of every month from 10am and every Monday morning from 10am.



In response to the recent 'state of nature report' (produced by 25 of the leading wildlife and conservation charities) we are in the process of developing the garden into a community wildlife garden. 

This will include a variety of nest boxes, hedgehog home, bat boxes, bug houses, log piles, bird feeders, pond, wild flowers etc etc and some wildlife cameras.

We hope to link in with local schools and other community groups who can come and get involved in the project.

 Community Wildlife & Edible Gardening Days 
 Every Monday from 10am 
 first Saturday of every month from 10am